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Harness racing is a branch of traditional horse racing. In harness racing, horses do not gallop with a jockey on their back but are tied to a lightweight cart, which a jockey guides around an oval racecourse. 

Now, you can see this sport on the following coloring pages. We have collected the best Harbness Racing coloring pages for you to print.

Free Harness Coloring PagesĀ 

The horse has to run the racecourse in a particular gait: the trot. The surface of most trotting tracks consists of ash (cinders) or sand. On those tracks where several disciplines are held, the races are held on grass tracks.

The jockeys must present themselves at the scales before each trotting. Their weight must not be less than a minimum weight set according to the level of the rider (apprentice, stable employee with few wins, or professional jockey) or the type of race. 

After weighing out, a red signal indicates the start of accepting bets. It is said that the redstart signal has been displayed. All competitors can warm up on the track before the race, completing so-called “heats”. 

This allows spectators to follow the competitors. This allows the bettors to assess the form of the horses before the game and to make their decisions better.

The horses used for this type of racing are called S-breeds or Standardbreds. This means that they are “thoroughbred” thoroughbreds, specially bred for the demands of the sport and descended from other horses like them. Harness racehorses are sometimes called “trotters” or “pacemakers”.

The finish line is located in front of the main grandstand. The horses pass the finish post. The finish photo, actually a finished film, is taken. 

The finished photo makes it possible to separate the competitors in the case of disputed finishes. Immediately after the horses have crossed the finish line, a provisional classification is made by the “finish line judge” and announced.

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