Cyclocross Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

A niche sport is slowly gaining ground that has long been known among the French, Belgians, and Dutch – as is so often the case with cycling. 

We’re talking about the so-called cyclocross, if you haven’t guessed yet. Here are cyclocross coloring pages to print for those who like the sport.

Free Cyclocross Coloring Pages

The origin of the sport of cyclocross (also known as cross-country racing or cyclocross) cannot be precisely dated, but it is believed that it first saw the light of day in the early twentieth century in France. 

A popular theory is that the so-called Steeplechases (steeplechase) laid the foundation. The challenge is to reach the next place – usually marked by the church steeple – by bike. The way: It doesn’t matter. 

So the cyclists chased their bikes over hill and dale, carried them in between, and tried to reach their destination by the shortest route. The best possible shortening was the order of the day.

Cyclocross is also one of the most accessible forms of cycling, with races for everyone from young kids to grandparents. In the fall and winter, it’s likely to take place at a park near you.

Although cyclocross is competitive and technical at the highest level, it is one of the most accessible forms of cycling, with race categories ranging from under 12 to over 50, and from regional leagues at local parks to world-class events that attract riders from all over the world.

At the local level, cyclocross races are multi-lap events typically last an hour for seniors and shorter distances for other categories. 

At the end of the set time, a bell sounds to designate the last lap, called a “bell lap.” In racing, large bunches rarely form due to the nature of the terrain, with groups of two or three riders at most. 

Cyclocross is often a personal battle between the rider and the course, challenging riders of all skill levels. 

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