Ski Jumping Coloring Pages Printable Pdf

Here are the ski jumping coloring pages to print. And today, you can get them for free charge. So, let us prepare your colors and put them on the drawings. Happy coloring.

After a dizzying descent down a ramp, jumpers fly through the air, landing more than 100 m away. The goal is to jump as far as possible, from start to landing. The jump lasts between five and eight seconds. 

Free Ski Jumping Coloring Pages

During the flight, the harmony and aesthetics of the movement must be taken care of. In addition to the distance, judges will evaluate the style, both factors influencing the final score.

The jumpers, both men and women, must arm themselves with a strong dose of courage to compete. The jumps are performed with skis that are less wide than usual and less heavy. 

Their binding allows the heel to be lifted, detaching it from the boards during the jump. During the flight, the skiers adopt a V-shape, with the skis open, the body leaning forward, and the arms close to the body.

The most dangerous moment is the landing. Skiers perform it in the telemark position, that is, with one knee in front, which is responsible for withstanding the impact on the ground.

Most people in Spain only remember ski jumping on New Year’s Day, and that means that, even if it’s just for general culture, we all know a little about what it’s all about. 

But the great lovers of winter sports have many more dates to enjoy this spectacular sport throughout the year (or, at least, throughout the snow season).

You already know that snow sports have a wide variety of disciplines of different difficulty levels. Ski jumping is one of the most spectacular events that exist in the snow, but do you know what they are or what exactly they consist of?

Ski jumping is a winter sport in which skiers go down a ramp using their skis to gain as much speed as possible. In this way, the skier can ‘fly’ to reach the most significant possible distance before landing.

Download Ski Jumping Coloring Pages Pdf