Printable Clay Pigeon Shooting Coloring Pages Pdf

Hunting became, undoubtedly, the precedent of the sports modalities we know today as Sport Shooting or Olympic Shooting.

And the fact is that the vast majority of today’s shooters began their first steps in the world of hunting. So, here are the printable Clay Pigeon Shooting coloring pages. Get the images and color them.

Free Clay Pigeon Shooting Coloring Pages

Clay Pigeon Shooting emerged back in 1880 when it was decided to substitute the traditional pigeon for a clay element that performed similar flight functions. 

The reason for this change, which gave rise to what we know today as clay pigeon shooting, was mainly economic, making a hobby that in principle was reserved for a few people of a high social class spread until it became enormously popular. 

A clay pigeon shooting facility requires a very high investment in installation and maintenance (care and replacement of animals, personnel). As is evident, the price of a pigeon can never be the same as that of a clay pigeon.

Clay Pigeon Shooting is, above all, a sport of speed, while in other shooting modalities, the most crucial thing is to achieve the greatest possible precision in each shot. 

In clay pigeon shooting, the shots have to be as fast as possible for the shooter so that in the great majority of cases, the shot is made intuitively.

This quality is naturally determined by the characteristics of skeet shooting itself, in which a moving target is shot at, appearing suddenly and moving away from the shooter very quickly. 

Consequently, the shooter will only have a few moments to raise the gun, align it with the target, and shoot.

The shot that manages to break the target will be counted as a point, and this will be achieved if a few pellets graze the target, which will break visibly.

On the other hand, skeet shooting does not use a bullet, but rather a bundle of pellets that are shot in a conical trajectory, that is to say, very narrow at the muzzle of the fire and progressively more open as it moves away from the shooter.

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