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Maybe you like to run, but you might enjoy a little more speed and action, or maybe your joints and bones are starting to ache from working out. 

If this is the case for you, speed skating may be the right sport. So, here we have collected speed skating coloring pages to print. Get the pictures you love and color them.

Free Speed Skating Coloring Pages

Speed skating is one of the oldest disciplines at the Olympic Winter Games. It was born out of an ancient need to cross frozen lakes. 

Speed skating found its induction to the Winter Games in 1916. There has been continuous growth in the sport, bringing its professional league and World Cups. 

The first antecedents date back to 1592 when ice races were organized among Norwegian villages, spreading throughout Scandinavia and forming clubs by the 1600s. 

It was precisely on the European continent where skating was born, significantly speed skating. 

Of course, this became famous in countries such as Holland, Norway, Germany, Italy, Russia and reached regions such as South Korea, China, Japan, even the United States, and Canada, among others.

As scary as it may sound, there’s room for everyone in speed skating, and if you stop by a speed skating club, you can see for yourself. 

You’ll be able to find people from ages 3 to 80, and they also compete in the same races where participants are grouped based on skill level – not age or gender.

“One of the aspects I love about speed skating is the social aspect. You’re generally working towards common goals, and at the same time, it’s about sport, practicing and competing individually,” says SkatePro team rider and former Danish champion, Trine Brøns Nielsen.

If you’re new to speed skating, you might want to join a local club. For the social aspect, but especially to learn the technique the right way, something that can be challenging. As an example, you should watch this video, in which professional speed skater Mark Horsten executes the double push technique.

A few years ago, almost all speed skates featured four or even more wheels. Today, most configurations incorporate only three wheels on each skate. 

This is done for the simple purpose of reducing the weight and strength of wheels and bearings. 

You may also notice that the wheels on speed skates are very hard compared to classic fitness skates, which reduces friction but at the cost of sacrificing comfort.

If you have never skated before, we recommend that you buy skates with medium-cut ankle support and a good liner. 

Otherwise, your feet may hurt, creating a negative experience. Skates with these features are designed like the one pictured above, which, thanks to its 125 mm wheels, is still capable of delivering high speeds and exceptional acceleration. 

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