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Hapkido is a Korean self-defense martial art. The techniques taught are used to neutralize an opponent, often turning his strength against him.

Now, you can have fun with this sport using our Hapkido coloring pages. The coloring pages below are ready to print. So, let’s put your desired colors into the drawings.

Free Hapkido Coloring Pages

The techniques used require a certain maturity of mind, which restricts the teaching to the youngest. The practice is, therefore, open from 16 years old to veterans.

Under certain conditions, we can accept children with teaching adapted to their development. The technique takes precedence over strength. 

No physical level is necessary. The range of techniques is such that it can be adapted to all types of opponents. No power strikes, no flying kicks! This martial art is particularly suitable for women and veterans.

Hapkido excludes any notion of competition. Our art is “warlike” in the sense that we learn how to handle an opponent. On the other hand, all our practice is based on harmony. 

Here, no physical overcoming. We seek to harmonize with ourselves and with what surrounds us. The warm-up and recovery movements, inspired by Korean gymnastics, allow a good circulation of energy.

The HAPKIDO-IN practices serenely and finishes its training relaxed. It disconnected from the vicissitudes of daily life.

The three basic principles of Hapkido are :

Yu: water – ability to adapt to the context, know how to change at the right moment, and show fluidity relaxation. 

Won: circle – to absorb, redirect and use the opponent’s strength to work in roundness inflexibility.

Hwa: harmony – anticipating and feeling the opponent’s actions, which implies non-resistance. 

Synthetically, these concepts are based on using the opponent’s strength to one’s advantage, on the excellent management of energy and breathing, and suppose the adaptation of the practitioner to all types of situations. 

To these three principles, we could also add the notion of Kang ‘?’, which means hard and aims to break the circle or the harmony to obtain a more dynamic, more breaking action. 

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