Cute Hamster Coloring Pages (PDF Printable)

The Hamster is a small rodent of the Cricetidae family. This small mammal has a fragile constitution, which makes it an animal with a fragile structure. You should know that the Hamster is part of the largest mammal family.

There are more than 1,400 species in the rodent family. This page also has Hamster in the coloring pictures below. There is a collection of Hamster that you can get. So let’s have fun.

Collection of Hamster Coloring Pages

Facts About Hamster

These species and families have common characteristics. One can count similar in rodents, claws, prominent incisors, and a growth that never stops. This is why they gnaw continually, it allows them to wear out their teeth and thus keep the correct size.

The Hamster is a nocturnal animal. You should never wake a sleeping hamster, as this shortens its life expectancy. In terms of food, the Hamster is an omnivore.

Hamster will eat plants as well as sustenance of animal origin (insects, worms, etc.). It is, therefore, preferable to let it choose between several types of food.

There are several species of Hamster. The origins and locations are different for each of them. Hamster Campbell is not very popular in European homes, is native to the steppes of Mongolia and northern China.

The Chinese Hamster, as its name indicates, comes from northeastern China. Roborovsky Hamster (from the desert) is native to Mongolia, Russia, and northern China.

Syrian Hamster is native to the desert, arid and temperate regions of Asia Minor and the Balkans. The Russian Hamster is native to the steppes of Central Asia, northern Russia. It should be noted that the temperatures are unusually cold there (-20°C).

Hamster reproduction can take place from the age of two months, and all year round. The female can have up to six litters per year and can give birth to nine young per litter. The gestation period is 17 days.

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