Cute Giraffe Coloring Pages (PDF Printable)

Giraffe is a cute animal who lives in Sabana in Africa. Your children surely would like to color our collection of giraffe image to color here.

Giraffes are the tallest modern animals, which, combined with their bright spotted coloration and unusual body proportions, makes them recognizable.

Giraffe Coloring Pages

Until Europeans came to Africa, giraffes lived on the savannahs of almost the entire continent. The local population hunted them but not actively.

Currently, giraffes are little hunted, but their numbers in central Africa continue to dwindle, mainly due to the destruction of natural landscapes.

The giraffe is a peaceful animal. It gets along well with humans and is one of the symbols of the African savannah.

In zoos of Egypt and Rome, long-necked animals appeared about 1500 B.C. The first giraffes got to London, Paris, and Berlin in the 20s of the XIX century, and they were brought by sailing ships and across Europe on foot. The animals were covered with special cloaks against bad weather, and leather sandals were put on their feet so that they wouldn’t rub their hooves off. Nowadays, giraffes are kept in almost all large zoos of the world and breed well in captivity.

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