Free Printable Green Bay Packers Coloring Pages Pdf

Here are Green Bay Packers coloring pages for you. Get the images, then use your colors to make them colorful. The following pictures are ready to print and download. 

Green Bay Packers is a team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It is one of the oldest and most traditional teams in the NFL.

Free Green Bay Packers Coloring Pages

Green Bay Packers is also the last professional soccer team to play in a small town, which was common in the 1920s and 1930s.

On August 11, 1919, Curly Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun, former high school sports rivals. 

The name “Packers” arose from the economic support received from the Indian Packing Company, where Lambeau worked. The company donated $500 to buy uniforms and equipment.

Shortly after that, with the Clair brothers as owners, the team became the “Acme Packers” and joined the American Professional Football Association on August 27, 1921. 

The franchise was expelled from the league the following year, after George Halas (of the Chicago Staleys, now the Bears) was accused of having used college players -this incident gave rise to the Packers-Bears rivalry, which prevails to this day-.

The name and the franchise were consolidated after its re-entry into the league, following an appeal filed by Lambeau. 

It was due to the economic support received by local Green Bay businessmen – known as the “Hungry Five” – who in 1923 founded the Green Bay Football Corporation. 

This company continues to manage the team to this day, making it the only one of its kind in the entire NFL.

On the other hand, what is the origin of the Green Bay Packers’ ‘Cheeseheads’? The state of Wisconsin produces about a quarter of the cheese made in the United States. 

This effort comes from the farms or the milking itself that sometimes occurs in sub-zero temperatures and symbolizes the spirit of the hard-working people of this part of the U.S., which also uses its Green Bay Packers as an emblem.

The equation is easy when figuring out why passionate and loyal Packers fans, wherever the team plays, come to the stadiums to support their team wearing colorful hats with vast chunks of cheese on their heads, the Cheeseheads. 

But there is a context beyond the simple relationship with the state that produces the most cheese in the United States.

It all stems from the Packers’ bitter, long-standing and passionate rivalry with the Chicago Bears. When the Bears won Super Bowl XX in 1985, fans in the Windy City began derogatorily calling their rivals “Cheeseheads”.

But the Wisconsin natives were not offended – quite the contrary. In fact, in 1987, Ralph Bruno showed up at a Milwaukee Brewers game wearing a hat with a cutout similar to a piece of cheese he made from the foam stuffing of a couch that belonged to his mom.

Download Green Bay Packers Coloring Pages Pdf