Yummy Donuts Coloring Pages Printable

The history of the donut goes back several centuries, long before the discovery of the New World. In ancient Rome and Greece, strips of dough were fried and coated with honey sauce. In the Middle Ages, Arab cooks began to fry small portions of unsweetened yeast dough, which they plunged into a sweet syrup to soften them. Doughnuts arrived in northern Europe in the 1400s and became popular throughout England, Germany, and the Netherlands. In the 15th century in Germany, where sugar was hard to find, they were often cooked salted.

Holes have been added in the center of the donut to create the shape of the donut we know today. This hole was added because the cooks found that the inside of the doughnut does not cook enough and remains raw. The idea of adding the hole in the center therefore eliminated this problem. One of the stories attributes the invention of this hole to Captain Hanson Gregory, a Dutch sailor because his mother often made doughnuts for him when he went on a trip.

Here is a collection of Yummy Donuts Coloring Pages Printable. You can download and then print the images that you like. Happy coloring!

Yummy Donuts Coloring Pages Printable

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