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Clube de Regatas do Flamengo or CR Flamengo is a Brazilian sports club based in Rio de Janeiro. They are best known for their professional football club.

Free Flamengo Coloring Pages

Flamengo was founded on November 17, 1895, two days after the Brazilian national holiday, initially as a rowing club, a prevalent sport at the end of the 19th century, to participate in regattas. 

Fifteen rowers, eight of whom had just miraculously survived a shipwreck, created the club. 

The name Flamengo is a tribute to the Flemish (actually Dutch) sailor Olivier van Noort, nicknamed Le Blonde, who was in Rio de Janeiro in the 18th century aboard his ship called Urca. 

From 1902, soccer began to share the popular preference in sports with rowing. 

However, it was not until 1911 that Flamengo opened a soccer section when a group of players from Fluminense FC left the club following a disagreement with the management.

One of them, Alberto Borchert, also a Flamengo player, proposed the creation of a new team attached to the Brazilian club.

A stone’s throw from the Flamengo neighborhood is the Laranjeiras district, where the Fluminense club has played since 1902. 

Soccer was becoming more and more popular, but it was still a sport for wealthy young people, doctors, or lawyers like rowing. 

Many of the footballers of Fluminense – the most famous club in Brazil – are rowers of Flamengo, and the fans of the two clubs are also confused. 

Alberto Borges was the captain of Fluminense in 1911, and after a conflict with the other star of the team, Oswaldo Gomes, the club’s board of directors replaced Borgeth with a defender. 

This was a real humiliation, and his teammates protested against the decision. 

Alberto Borges, also a Flamengo rower, convinced them to play in the final of the Carioca championship, which Fluminense won with six victories in as many games. 

However, nine players did not show up for the party at the traditional banquet to celebrate the title. On December 24, 1911, they decided to found a soccer section within CR Flamengo.

However, this new sport within the club bothered some of the fans of rowing, which was considered nobler and was losing ground to soccer. 

The club’s socios do not allow the soccer team to wear the same jersey, the classic red and black horizontally striped jersey.

Flamengo played its first game on May 3, 1912, against the Mangueira Sports Club (16 goals to 2). 

Since then, Brazil has lived to the rhythm of the “super Clasico” between Fla (Flamengo) and Flu (Fluminense), the club of the middle and upper classes, once a great friend and now a great rival. 

On derby days, life comes to a standstill in Rio and the whole country. The atmosphere is like that of a carnival. It’s a real soccer party, full of color and passion. 

Even though they lost the first Clasico (2 goals to 3) on July 7, 1912, in front of 800 spectators in the Gavea stadium, Flamengo has since largely erased this faux pas and now has a glowing record of success.

For its first soccer match, Flamengo’s footballers wore a “papagaio de vintem” jersey, with two red and two black squares, which was not very aesthetic and popular. 

However, Flamengo won its first game 15-2, and Gustavo de Carvalho became the first striker in its history. Flamengo then played with a black, red, and white horizontal stripe jersey. 

But in 1916, the jersey looked too much like the German flag when Brazil became the only South American country to join the first world war. The white disappeared from the jersey, and Flamengo finally wore its traditional jersey.

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