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Despicable Me is an animated film series produced by Illumination Entertainment and released by Universal Pictures. Now you can see the story in the following Despicable Me Coloring Pages below.

The film tells about the adventures of Gru and the minions. Then what are minions? The Minions are little yellow creatures that are between two and three feet tall.

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The minions use a galimatias language to communicate with each other, and eventually, the people around them understand them as well.

In addition to being very tough, they each have different personalities and names. For example, Kevin is the leader, Stuart is the musician, and Bob is the boy.

However, some details have not yet been revealed, why they use those glasses, why some have one eye and others have two, and the reason that forces them to serve evil people.

The opening credits sequence of the latest film shows these creatures evolving in the ocean until they emerge fully formed. But the supervillain Gru also has a weapon that can transform humans into Minions.

Also, these are beings that have been around for at least 60 million years, as some of them are shown serving an evil dinosaur that appears to be a Tyrannosaurus rex, meaning they have been around since the late Cretaceous period.

Throughout history, they have served different masters, including ancient Egyptians and vampires. If the Minions do not help a villain for too long, they become apathetic.

One of their tapes shows that despite building a magical subway ice lair with sports and musical productions, they sank into boredom without a boss to give them orders.

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