Free Printable My Little Pony Coloring Pages Pdf

My Little Pony is an animated series that children love. They are charming, cute, and liked by girls, boys, and adults. Among them are Pegasus and unicorns, which combine a horn and wings. 

Today, you can get these little ponies in the following My Little Pony coloring pages. You can get an extensive collection of My Little Pony coloring pages. Print them, then color them.

My Little Pony Coloring Pages

“We’re strong. You are strong. We’re strong together,” the ponies sing in chorus in the opening minutes of the film. 

As is often the case in the beautiful rainbow world of ponies, the importance of friendship is discussed in their new adventures.

And what is their new challenge? Nothing less than fighting King Thunder, who wants to steal their magic. 

To do so, the six friends must leave Ponyville, cross a desert, board a flying pirate ship and visit the ocean floor. 

But there are more than just monstrous creatures that get in the way of their mission. No, it’s not. 

The friendship between the six ponies will be put to the test; to our surprise, even Twilight – the main character and queen of friendship – can make mistakes.

Borrowing from the musical codes, several scenes allow the characters to sing and dance their emotions. 

And there is plenty of emotion in this animated film! The ponies are confused, combative, distraught, shocked, fearful, etc. The ponies are confused, combative, troubled, shocked, aggressive, anxious, etc. 

There’s also a lack of humor in this fifth film from the television series. Fortunately, we can count on Pinkie Pie to spice things up with some antics.

Special mention goes to Sia, who plays the singer-poney Songbird Serenade and whose blonde and black hair covers part of her face.

Her song Rainbow offers one of the beautiful paintings of the film. All the same, the story lacks originality and stretches a bit long.

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