Secret Life of Pets Coloring Pages Pdf Free

The Secret Life of Pets is one of the best cartoons about what pets do when their owners are not at home. The cartoon characters are very unusual and funny. 

In addition, kids will love the following coloring pages below. You can print Secret Life of Pets coloring pages for free! Happy Coloring.

Printable Secret Life of Pets Coloring Pages 

The film’s heroes often live for and by their masters—notably Max, a nice doggie, in osmosis with his young mistress. But the latter, every day, goes to work. 

A foreign concept to Max, who waits patiently behind the door. Like his neighbors and friends, Chloe the cat, Mel the dog, a bird, and a guinea pig. 

In this New York building where everyone can communicate via the back staircase, they wonder what their masters are doing during these long hours of absence.

For Max, the dream life ends when Duke moves into the apartment. Duke is a big dog rescued from the pound. Between the two of them, it’s a war to see who will be the favorite. 

During a hygienic outing in Central Park, they confront a gang of stray cats and fall into the clutches of the revolutionary animals that have taken refuge in the city’s sewers. 

What follows is a wild chase in which the two dogs must avoid the pound, the revolutionaries led by Pompon (see below), and indigestion when they stumble into a sausage factory.

Full of gags, with influential personalities for each animal and not only the leading roles, but this film is also an absolute ray of sunshine. The proof that pets are suitable for their owners. 

Without a doubt, the best publicity for all the shelters of the SPA of France and Navarre. The story will enchant the youngest (beware of collateral damage from merchandising) and make the older ones laugh out loud as the humor is omnipresent. 

We can recognize the authors’ touch of the Minions; delirious characters present before the film in a short film presented as an appetizer.

In any self-respecting film, there must be a “villain”. “Like Beasts” is no exception to the rule. In the sewers of New York, a whole menagerie of animals abandoned by their masters incites a revolution. 

Crocodiles, stray cats, hornbills, snakes, pigs, and iguanas plot to kill these ungrateful humans. To lead them to the final victory, a real bloodthirsty monster was needed, a fierce, ruthless creature, mean to the tip of his ears.

A great idea of the scriptwriters, this archetype of the bad guy is interpreted by Pompon. Pompon is an adorable little white rabbit to whom one would give the good Lord without confession. His big eyes allow him to pity the human. 

Then he goes wild, becomes an absolute beast to kill. Well, only in his dreams because his two incisors and his little legs do not do much damage to the enemy. He is especially fearsome because of his mood swings and his excellence in leading his troops.

In the French version, he has the voice of Willy Rovelli, the comedian with a high tone. And even if Pompon is the villain, his stuffed animal will sell like hotcakes in a short time.

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