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The term canoe generally indicates a type of floating support moved by a paddle, i.e., an instrument equipped with a tubular part and one or two paddles.

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Canoe immersed in the water constitutes the support point for the propulsion of the means, which occurs without mechanical constraints between the paddle and the means.

Driving position: the canoe is driven seated, with legs stretched out at the front of the boat, while the kayak is driven on his knees. In both cases, the pilot is in a frontal position, facing travel direction.

Canoe polo is a sport similar in some ways to water polo, in which two teams of 5 players in single-seater kayaks compete in a field that borders a stretch of water 28 to 35 meters long and 18 to 23 meters wide.

The game aims to score more goals than the opposing team during the 20 minutes that correspond to the entire game’s duration (2 halves of 10 minutes) by shooting the ball towards the goal, which is suspended two meters above the water level.

This is usually defended by a goalkeeper who uses a raised paddle to protect it. When the goalkeeper is in this position, he cannot be touched by any player who is attacking at that moment.

Given the violent and spectacular fights that generally occur during a match, players must wear special equipment, including a helmet with a metal grill to protect the face and a padded vest to protect the torso.

The opponent can counter a player in possession of the ball by being pushed into the water, using only one hand, in an attempt to take control of the ball. 

The ball can remain in a player’s possession for no more than five seconds but can be thrown into the water by moving it at least one meter and then regaining control of it and thus resetting the count of seconds of ball possession.

In addition to the five starting players, there are a maximum of three reserves. Substitutions can be made during the game without notifying the referees. 

The player only has to leave by crossing his backline completely before replacing him enters the playing area. In no case must there be more than five players per team in the playing area simultaneously?

The game is divided into two halves of 10 minutes. The first half starts when the teams are lined up on their end line, and the referee throws the ball into the field. Then a player from each team tries with a sprint to gain possession of the ball.

Two referees direct the game, one on each long side of the field, with the power to punish each infraction with green, yellow, or red cards and to assign as penalties direct shots, throw-ins, and penalty shots.

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