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Dragon is legendary animals, a symbol of power and wisdom, have fed the myths of many cultures throughout the centuries. Now you can get these fantastic creatures on this page.

Please choose the cute baby dragon coloring pages you love below. Then color them with your favorite colors. So, let’s have fun.

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In all these traditions, the Dragon has the appearance of a giant reptile, warm-blooded, carnivorous, which reproduces by laying eggs.

In short, it’s easy to say Dragon! But if and when you find yourself in front of one of these beasts, you’d better know what family it belongs to and what to call it to avoid it taking offense!

Dragons, you know, are touchy! We can differentiate the families of dragons according to the number of legs and the presence or absence of wings.

Before going on, however, there is a clarification: the Dragon is a legendary and mythological creature with different forms, names, and names in each country.

For example, in the heraldry of northern Europe, one of these was the appellative of viverna. Appellation referred not to a separate creature but precisely to the Dragon.

When people fantasized about the existence of particular creatures, no one made the distinction between Dragon and vivern. There was only the Dragon, despite the noticeable bodily differences with which time, would distinguish them from culture to culture.

In other words, we could say that in mythology and the world culture, we have had more facets of the same legendary animal: the Dragon.

A dragon that does not have legs but is equipped with large wings is called Amphittero. Native to the central areas of America, it is described as a feathered snake with enormous wings.

The most famous among them is undoubtedly Quetzalcoatl, worshipped as the god of wind by the Aztecs.

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