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Animals have always shared the Earth with us. It is therefore not surprising that, since prehistoric times, humans have had complex relationships with them.

Now, on this page, we have filled this article with a collection of baby animal coloring pages. You can print then color them as you like. So let’s have fun.

Printable Baby Animal Coloring Pages

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In our modern civilizations, which are increasingly urbanized and far removed from nature, the relationship between man and animal has become a topical issue.

But what is an animal? This little book proposes to define this, and it is addressed to both adults and adolescents.

There are two ways to consider animals. The first is to describe and classify them. The first is to describe and classify them, which is nowadays the animal’s scientific (biological) approach.

The second is to explore more precisely the relationship we have with them, the way they contribute to our social life as human beings, and define the ethical relationship we should have with them.

The animal is defined first of all as a living being, which, in turn, implies knowing what life is, how it is constructed on the chemical level, and what distinguishes it from inert, mineral matter.

The animal is also defined concerning other living beings, also very complex, the plants, whose way of life is entirely different.

Plants can live alone in a mineral environment, whereas animals need to consume living matter, whether plants or other animals.

Unlike plants, animals also have nervous sensitivity, making some of them capable of experiencing pain or suffering.

The animal is also the result of a very long history, described by the “theory of evolution”, which shows that living species transform themselves to give new species.

As a result, on Earth, there is a profusion of diverse species (which constitute “biodiversity”) related to each other, divided according to their anatomy, into different groups.

Among the most anatomically complex animals, there are animals with central nervous systems, such as worms, mollusks, insects, crustaceans, and animals with jumpy dorsal systems, such as vertebrates human species belongs.

More precisely, the human species belongs to a subgroup of vertebrates called “mammals” and to a subdivision called “primates, ” including monkeys.

The human being is a close relative of the chimpanzees by its anatomy and many features of its behavior.

However, he differs from them by an original cerebral and mental activity, without equivalent elsewhere in the living world.

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