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Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio or Atalanta B.C is the Italian soccer club from the city of Bergamo in the region of Lombardy. It was founded in 1907 and currently plays in Serie A.

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Free Atalanta Coloring Pages

The club was founded on October 17, 1907. On February 20, 1920, it merged with another club from Bergamo, called Bergamasca. 

In 1937, it debuted in Serie A. Since then, it alternated periods of stability in elite soccer with phases of oscillation between Serie A and Serie B. The best position was achieved in 1948 when it finished fifth.

The most crucial trophy of Atalanta is the victory of the Italian Cup, achieved in the season 1962-1963. Atalanta eliminated before opponents within its reach, then Como, Catania, Padua, and Bari.

 Then in the final of Milan on June 2, 1963, the formation of Bergamo gave incredible joy to his fans, beating the much more quoted Turin 3-1. 

The goals of that historic match were all scored by Angelo Domenghini, one of the many talents we will talk about in the paragraph dedicated to the champions launched by this team.

Atalanta, in its history, even went down to Serie C1: only one championship, in the 1981-82 season, was more than enough. 

Since then, it has risen quickly in the hierarchies, first coached by Nedo Sonetti and then with Emiliano Mondonico. Other pages of history soon reached as a historic Cup Winners’ Cup.

In the semifinal, Atalanta played against the Belgian Malines: more historical, because Atalanta in the 1987-1988 season had even gone to Serie B.

In the ’90s and for a good part of the 2000s, Atalanta was a breeding ground for young players with great corporate work that brought excellent results and many players to the most decorated teams. 

Often, however, the alternation of seasons in Serie A and Serie B made Atalanta a team without great goals, before the return of the Percassi family at the helm of the club, with a sporting “revolution” that brought Atalanta into the ranks of the greats.

Many players began to take their first steps in Atalanta and then became soccer champions. 

The Domenghini above was a great winger, with numerous appearances in the national team, and was a Scudetto winner with the teams of Inter and Cagliari. 

But how can we forget other champions who made the National team’s fortunes, as in the case of the late Gaetano Scirea, an example of absolute fairness who started at Atalanta and then became a leader at Juventus?

Among the midfielders, Roberto Donadoni, who played two years as a starter in the top division with Atalanta and then became part of the history of Milan, which won everything with Arrigo Sacchi and Fabio Capello.

We must remember two who were passing through Bergamo among the forwards. First Cristian Vieri, who found a starting position at Atalanta, then Filippo Inzaghi: they have in common that they went to Juventus and wore the national team jersey for years.

Among the “historical” foreigners, how could we fail to mention Glenn Stromberg, a Swedish midfielder who left his mark on the collective imagination?

The Argentine Claudio Caniggia, the Brazilian Evair, up to the current Alejandro Gomez and Josip Ilicic, players with an evident crystal talent who found an international dimension in Bergamo?

Among the players with the most appearances, Stefano Angeleri stands out with 281 league games (between 1949 and 1960) and Giampaolo Bellini with 279 in the period from 2000-2016.

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