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Judoka, Tatami! With judo, there are many funny words. But above all, it’s a complete sport, where you have to control yourself as much as you do, and that’s perfect for kids ;-)! 

These Judo coloring pages will allow you to color some holds, but be careful; some martial arts coloring pages have been inserted…Happy Judo coloring!

Free Judo Coloring Pages

Judo is a martial art of Japanese origin, created by master Jigoro Kano in 1882. The Real Academia de la Lengua dictionary has registered “judo” and its derivatives. 

Judo is also a combat sport, a means of self-defense and social activity, providing a way of life. 

The term in Japanese can be translated as “Way of flexibility”, bringing together mental and emotional development through practice. Its practitioners are called “judoka”.

The origin of Japan’s martial arts began with the martial art system known as Takeouchi-Ryu, founded in 1532, and this technique is considered the beginning of Jujitsu. 

Judo succeeded in becoming one of the official events at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 and was widely supported by Judo enthusiasts and sports promoters worldwide.

These are known as “obi” and represent athletes’ grades in judo. The belts of advanced practitioners are called “Dan,” and those of beginner students are known as “Kyu”. 

At the beginning of judo, the corresponding belt color is white; as one progresses, one obtains yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and black. 

Whoever obtains a black belt acquires the title of 1st Dan; to this color corresponds the grades from 1st to 5th Dan, then red/white from 6th to 8th Dan, and red for 9th and 1st Dan.

A tatami is a type of mat placed on the ground where judo competitions are held. 

They are traditionally made of rice straw and are manufactured in standard sizes, with a length exactly twice the width an aspect ratio of 2: 1. 

They usually have cloth borders on the long sides, although some tatamis do not have boundaries.

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