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Like the grown-ups, this Indian likes to shoot with a bow. On this free archery coloring page, you can see him playing. Do you want to color it?

Print this image and choose your favorite colors. These fantastic archery coloring pages will teach you how to shoot an arrow. Then you can show how to color your picture.

Archery Coloring Pages

Archery is a skill in using a bow and arrow for hunting, warfare, or sport. Modern bows used to shoot arrows are constructed of wood, fiberglass, graphite, or carbon composites, with a drawstring connecting the bent edges of the bow.

The arrows are usually metal, aluminum, carbon, or graphite; one end is tapered. The other end has feathers that serve as stabilizers during flight and a notch used for the arrow to attach to the bowstring. 

When the bowstring is tensioned, the bow bends; when the point of maximum tension is reached, the bowstring is released, and the arrow shoots out.

Archery as an amateur sport has long been popular, particularly in England. The oldest continuously held and still existing archery tournament, known as the Ancient Scorton Arrow, began in Yorkshire in 1673; in 1781, the Royal Toxophilite (Greek, toxin, ‘bow’; Philos, ‘lover’, ‘friend’) Society was founded to promote the sport.

Archery competitions are divided into several categories: target, hunting, and flight distance. The main events of a target shooting tournament are called rounds, and the number of arrows and the length is specified in advance. 

The target fronts are made of paper and held in a straw mat. The target is circular and has a concentric series of rings around a solid center, and is placed at the height of 1.3 m above the ground. 

Extending outward from the center, the colors of the rings are gold, red, blue, blue, black, and white. The rings have assigned values, in points, for the arrows that hit them. The value varies from 10 (in the central gold-colored round) to 1 (outside the white ring).

This sport was part of the 1900, 1904, 1908, and 1920 Olympic Games. Then it was interrupted, until it again became an Olympic sport, for men and women, at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. 

Archery modernized in 1992 to increase interest. Olympic shooting consists of a qualifying round, a heat, a final, a steam heat, and a team last. 

The individual events comprise 64 archers who all shoot simultaneously at targets 70 m apart; those with the highest score, after several elimination rounds, compete for medals. 

The competition is conducted according to the rules of the International Archery Federation.

The hunting modality simulates a hunt, with small targets placed at different distances in a natural landscape. In the flight distance modality, the objective is the distance traveled by the arrow rather than the shot’s accuracy.

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