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Yu-Gi-Oh! is an anime series that caused great furor among children. Yugi is a young student who lives in a world where a card game called Duel Monsters.

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Duel Monster is very popular, consisting of pitting your deck of cards made up of different monsters against an opponent’s deck of cards using various strategies to win.

When Kaiba defeats Yugi’s grandfather, one of the best Duel Monster players, the main character decides to take revenge and continue his legacy.

Together with his friends Téa and Joey, he will discover that behind the game lies something more ambitious and dark.

The anime is based on a manga series written and illustrated by mangaka Kazuki Takahashi. This series, consisting of only 27 episodes.

Thus Duel Monsters was born, based on some of the collectible card games that were all the rage in the United States, such as Magic: The Gathering or The Legend of the Five Rings.

It soon became one of the most popular manga, and when they made this new version, they decided to focus the story on it.

The decision was a wise one since dedicating the series exclusively to this game helped delve deeper into it more efficiently and make the audience even more fascinated with its creatures and mechanics.

The other significant difference is in the tone of the story. While in the original, the protagonist was more sadistic and dark, in this version, the young man became a more charismatic character.

The symbolism of the series is another element worth highlighting. The author was based on Egyptian mythology, of which he became fascinated after a trip to the country.

However, some conspiracists have wanted to see hidden messages hidden in the letters. This fiction would be joined by three movies, six spin-offs, and more than a dozen video games.

Among other products, which completed this successful franchise, it became one of the most popular at the beginning of the century.

As a final curiosity, we can highlight the harsh censorship that the series suffered when it arrived in the West after its acquisition by the American chain 4Kids.

In this version, which is the one that could be seen in the rest of Western countries, several scenes of the original series were removed with the excuse that they were not appropriate for children.

Some weapons carried by the monsters were eliminated or replaced, and the death of some characters was “softened” by sending them to a supposed “kingdom of shadows”.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a production aimed at children and young audiences (even more so in its censored version) that managed to capture millions of viewers worldwide.

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