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The creator of Digimon 0ror Digital Monster is Akiyoshi Hongo. Akiyoshi Hongo is a nickname that mixes Aki Maita, Hiroshi Izawa, and Takeichi Hongo.

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Somewhat predictably, Bandai continued its competition with Pok√©mon in every way possible, differentiating its leading brand, Digimon, from Nintendo’s.

In May 2001, Hiroyuki Kakudo, director of Digimon Adventure, sure for Toei was that the main character would be called Taichi; at that time, the series included only 13 episodes set in the Digital World and a movie set in the real world.

From then on, the ideas for the story grew exponentially, so much so that an entire story arc was added, that of Myotismon, which was not foreseen in the original plans.

Some details, such as the name of the school or the place where the protagonists live, were added to the script close to the beginning of the dubbing of the first episode.

From the beginning, Bandai and Toei had no intention of tying the Digimon brand to the Digimon Adventure series, and the series would have opened and closed with the 54 episodes we all know.

Speculation has it that the success of the series caught everyone off guard and that the whole Digimon Adventure 02 sequel operation was a test to see if a working anime universe could be created.

The series would then have started with vague ideas, and this, according to fans, the problems of Digimon Adventure 02, the many holes in the script, and the narrative arcs interrupted.

According to Hiroyiku Kakudo, at one point in the production process, the idea of continuing the timeline of Digimon Adventure with a third series in which the digiprescelts would have faced an unspecified threat from outer space flashed.

Kakudo himself admitted that at the end of Digimon Adventure 02, he and the others who worked on the series weren’t sure what else they could talk about if the Adventure timeline continued.

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