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The word is a rocket that travels the world, unleashing forces and entities and causing powerful effects that are unstoppable for good or evil.

Today, you can find free word coloring pages here. You can choose the images you love below. Then, color them as you like. Happy coloring.

Free Word Coloring Pages

Once spoken, words cannot be recovered, and if they are evil, they will cause damage in the invisible regions and the material world. 

They would not come to harm if it were possible to remedy them immediately before they produce consequences. Time is, therefore, a determining factor in this respect. 

And it is also evident that the more time passes, the more damage will occur. This means that it is necessary to remedy the evil that has been done to others as soon as possible.

It is because justice and the “law of karma” come into action quickly, making those who have committed a wrong pay every penny. 

It is then necessary to make amends quickly and without delay because the word goes flying away. It is a force, a power that travels through space, acting immediately.

We must also know that there is a power even more active than the word, namely thought. And with the idea, we can be able to calm and control our words as well. 

Of course, it isn’t easy to do this because thought and speech belong to two different spheres. Speech is, in fact, part of the physical plane and is a vibration, a movement of air, while thought belongs to a more subtle plane, called the “etheric plane.” 

However, the mastery of our mind is essential in the path towards perfection and must therefore be pursued. 

And since thought is created first and only afterward, in a second time, the word, it follows that if we can control the idea, we will also dominate the dish, emotions, acts, and ultimately, our whole life.

Forgiveness is an equally important aspect to consider. Those who do not forgive suffer continually, remaining in some way hooked on the image of the person who has hurt him, constantly thinking about her. 

Above all, he does not advance or progress. When “Jesus,” said that we must forgive our enemies, he did it so that man could get rid of the negative thoughts and grudges that consume him. 

Whoever forgives, therefore, besides showing nobility and generosity, detaches himself and frees himself from the torments that keep him in the lower regions, at a low vibration. Forgiveness, however, does not free the wrongdoer. 

To free himself, the guilty person will have to make amends, and he will do so by speaking well of the person he has wronged, of his qualities, virtues, and good intentions, since there is always something positive in every creature.

Let us now speak of the purity of speech. The words that come from the Soul and the Spirit are of extreme purity, they are inspired by all that is most disinterested and beautiful, and they awaken something divine in man. 

Like a flowing river, the word can wash and purify everything. But if we change its Nature, its substance, we will nullify everything.

Therefore, it is necessary to meditate well on this subject and always look for the right words – those that flow directly from the Soul – with which it is possible to clean and purify the hearts of men. 

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