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Peace Sign Coloring Pages

The peace symbol spread and became famous in the 1960s and 1970s. This symbol was first created to represent the nuclear disarmament campaign best and then took on a broader meaning coming to represent anti-militarism in general.

Along with slogans such as “Make love, don’t make war” and “Peace and Love,” the peace symbol undoubtedly represents the years of protest.

At the end of the 1950s, the nuclear confrontation danger between two superpowers that had emerged from the Second World War, the USA and the USSR, was at its highest level.

The movement’s logo has become the symbol of peace against nuclear power and war in all its forms.

It was designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom, a professional designer from the Royal College of Art in Great Britain. This symbol has remained to this day exclusively linked to protests against nuclear proliferation and the peace movement.

The logo combines two letters of the semaphore alphabet used in the Navy: N for nuclear; The D for disarmament. These two symbols are placed in a circle that represents the world.

The symbol is not covered by copyright. This is just because of what it represents. Over the years, it used in different situations and has taken in a broader meaning of equality and respect for rights. 

It has been used to represent the struggle for women’s rights, homosexuals, and against apartheid.

To discredit the peace movement, some members of political parties placed more to the right, and therefore, conservatives have tried to spread the fake news that the symbol of peace had satanic origins. 

However, this statement has never found any confirmation. The first time the peace symbol made its appearance was during the Aldermaston March in 1958. 

This march started from London and then went to Aldermaston, where a nuclear weapons factory was located. The route was 80 km.

Tattooing the peace sign means fully embracing the philosophy of Peace&Love. Universal love without distinction of race, ideology, or religion and living in harmony with all, these ideals represent this symbol and consequently the tattoos that characterize it.

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