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Inspiration is nothing but a moment of particular inner tension. The artist feels it and says: “At this moment I lack inspiration”, meaning that he lacks that particular internal state, that specific pressure under which the artist, as they say, creates. 

When this inner state is missing, the artist is a man like any other. He is not an artist, he is an ordinary man, and then he does not create.

This tension is generally not constant precisely because it is complicated to reach it within oneself. 

It can be facilitated through appropriate techniques, but generally, the artist does not know these techniques and must stay with what comes naturally. And it comes naturally when he has had a precisely opposite period. 

You know of the famous cycles, which also exist in the depths of every man: a particular cycle, for example, of depression, can be followed by process of euphoria, or vice versa. 

So a period of creative states may be followed by a period of creativity; then, the artist feels he has all his creative vein. 

He is seized by a sort of fever and tries to translate inspiration into action before it is possible before it passes, and he no longer has it. 

The artist, for example, the writer, knows very well that inspiration can dictate fantastic ideas to him, but if he lets time pass, those ideas no longer satisfy him. They remain cold, and they no longer say anything to him. 

Therefore, it is not only a question of ideas, plans, and what to do, but it is a question of translating all this into action.

If it were simply a matter of ideas, the artist could send it to the next day because by now. He has had the idea. But it’s not like that because it’s more than just the idea. 

The idea, let’s say, is the substrate to which the practical realization is added. And it is the translation of that idea into a reality that is the actual work of art. 

The idea may be brilliant in itself, but if it is not translated practically, in that particular way, it is not a work of art; and it is precisely this translation that always comes only in the period of inspiration.

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