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Weightlifting is a sport where the aim is to lift a barbell from the floor to place it above the head in one (Snatch) or two movements (Clean and Jerk).

Free Weightlifting Coloring Pages

The technique is, without a doubt, one of the fundamental elements in the training of this activity. For their preparation, athletes perform variants of these exercises by modifying the initial position of the bar, depth of the reception, displacement, and width of the grip.

This would make weightlifting exercises a beneficial means to be applied in the preparation of athletes to obtain performance improvements in other sports.

Since its origins, the man carried out tasks involving strength, having to lift and move loads such as logs, stones, animals, or similar, as part of their daily activities.

Modern man, driven by a search for growth and testing his limits, has been making numerous attempts to generate increases in this capacity, using his peers as a parameter of comparison of the acquired levels.

In this regard, Hippocrates of Cos (460 B.C. – 370 B.C.) already listed some exercises that involved strength to maintain a healthy body, among which we can distinguish wrestling and anakinemata (weightlifting).

The ancient Greeks also used objects with different weights, called halteres, to improve the soldiers’ physical agility and measure themselves in sporting contests.

It was not until the second half of the 19th century, with the birth of the modern sport, that weightlifting emerged as a sport in itself, having its presence in the Olympic programs from Athens 1896 to the present.

From its beginnings as a sport until today, the evolution of weightlifting and the development and incidence of sciences in sport contributed to a deep analysis of its characteristics.

This is how the benefits of these exercises on physical performance were found, generating an increase in the performance of athletes with an excellent transfer to other disciplines.

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