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The Cleveland Indians are a professional baseball team from Cleveland, Ohio. Due to “racism” issues, the Cleveland baseball team will now be renamed the “Guardians”.

Free Cleveland Indians Coloring Pages

The team and the entire coaching staff plan to be the same for the 2022 season, just with a different name. The club is a member of the American League Central Division of American League Baseball. 

The Cleveland franchise has been around since 1894. They didn’t make the MLB until 1901. They were also not called “Indians” but “Blues”. 

However, that name only lasted one season because, in 1902, they became Bronchos, a name that also lasted one year. 

This constant change was because the players did not feel identified with those names, despite the press calling them that way.

It wasn’t until the 1903 season that the Cleveland Naps were given their first “official” name as the Cleveland Naps. 

Incredibly, that name was chosen through a poll conducted by a journalist and had a lot to do with a top-rated player of the time, Napoleon “Nap” Lajoie. 

It was precisely that French-Canadian player who was one of the best hitters of the 20th and 21st century, being the main rival of the legendary Ty Cobb and, of course, with a plaque in the Cooperstown Hall Fame.

The love affair between “Nap” Lajoie and the organization ended in 1914, and, consequently, so did the team’s name. 

In 1915, the Cleveland Indians were born, thanks to several surveys that investors conducted in the newspapers. 

It was agreed that they would honor Louis Sockalexis, a Native American who played with the “Cleveland Rangers” between 1897-1899.

Since then, five years later after their upgrade as Indians, the team won its historic first World Series in 1920, in an era considerably marked by World War I. 

In addition, the Chicago “Black Sox” scandal was at its peak, and at the end of that season, the owner of the white-legged team fired eight players.

With records of 94-54 and 95-56, respectively, Cleveland ended up winning four of their last six series, and Chicago, amidst all the controversy, could not keep up, and the Indians advanced to the playoffs. 

They subsequently faced the Brooklyn Dodgers in the grand finale, then a nine-game, five-win series.

In addition, in that season, the Indians have a negative memory, and that is that Ray Chapman, one of their players at that time, has been the only one in history to die after a ball game. 

In a series against the Yankees, Chapman was hit by a pitch from pitcher Carl Mays, who was throwing a submarine. There were few balls used for each game in those years, and the lighting was not adequate. 

Therefore, confused in the shadows by the sunset, Chapman did not see the ball coming, and it hit him squarely in the skull, causing his death the following day.

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