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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art resulting from the unification of different Korean martial arts schools, founded in the middle of the 20th century.

Taekwondo also fouded on this pages. There is a collection of taekwondo coloring pages you can get here. Choose the pictures you love below, then happy coloring.

Taekwondo Coloring Pages

What is Taekwondo? It is not easy to give a simple definition of Taekwondo because it comes in different forms and constantly evolves. TAE: foot KWON: fist DO: the way, the spirit.

Taekwondo means the way of the foot and the fist. Korean martial art, Olympic discipline, Taekwondo can be practiced for five years. 

It allows for great articular flexibility and better control of the gestures, mainly since 75% of the blows are carried with the feet.

The benefits of Taekwondo Like any sport, Taekwondo improves the physical condition and general health, making it an excellent way to fight the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Through the practice of forms, sequences, and combat situations, Taekwondo improves reflexes, coordination, the precision of movements, and balance. It also develops flexibility, agility, and muscular strength, qualities necessary to perform high strikes.

Antidote against stress and anxiety allows to forget professional and family worries. By opposing a partner, Taekwondo also enables the follower to become aware of his natural fear of confrontation, increase his confidence in his abilities, and develop the necessary self-confidence in conflict situations.

These benefits will be more critical if taekwondo practice continues over the long term. Fortunately, this sport has several characteristics that will never become monotonous.

Furthermore, the teaching of TAEKWONDO to children is based on the awareness and acceptance of emotions. We teach them to know them, understand them (fear, joy, anger, sadness), and especially accept them.

It is often observed in children an increase in the level of concentration at school and a reduction of aggressiveness, probably because Taekwondo allows them to expend themselves, even to let off steam, in a controlled environment governed by strict rules.

TAEKWONDO helps children at all stages of their growth. The rules and values that he must apply in the dojang (training room) concentrate on our society (respect, friendship, solidarity, ambition).

Taekwondo remains a complete martial art comprising five directions of study and three groups: Poomsées (forms), Kiourigi (combat), Han bon Kiourigi (combat step), Ho Shin Soul (self-defense), and Kiokpa (breaking techniques).

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