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Squirtle is one of the three initial Pokemon, the other two being Bulbasaur and Charmander. Get cute Squirtle coloring pages pdf to print here. Then you will be happy. 

Squirtle is a water-type Pokemon. Its name comes from combining the words “Turtle,” meaning turtle, and “Squirt,” pointing to shoot a stream of water.

Printable Squirtle Coloring Pages Pdf 

Squirtle is a Pokemon that lives in deep waters both in the sea and in freshwaters, making it difficult to find. They are tiny turtles of light blue color and brown shells.

It distinguishes them because their tail is rolled up, and their shell hardens a few days after birth, protecting any attack.

Squirtle is a very cheerful, sweet, and friendly Pokemon, which makes it easy to breed. Its diet is based on algae and fruits, it is a little difficult to be transported on land, so it prefers to do it on all fours.

Squirtle has two significant evolutions. The first one is Wartotle. With this evolution, it becomes an indigo blue turtle, with a dark brown shell, ears in the shape of fins, two fangs protruding from its mouth, and an exuberant tail. 

Unlike Squirtle, Wartotle has a more assertive and more aggressive character. They usually have scratches and marks on their shell that remind them of their great battles. 

Its tail is one of its most fantastic attractions as it is a symbol of longevity and brings good luck to its trainer, so it is a very sought-after Pokemon but challenging to find.

To keep its balance when swimming Wartotle combines the movement of its legs and ears. The second remarkable evolution of Squirtle is Blastoise which is a substantial bipedal turtle equipped with cannons on its back that serve to shoot powerful jets of water. 

The curious thing is that they only accurately aim objects at a long distance since their aim is not so good at close range.

Firefighting teams adopt these Pokemon because they can fill about three Olympic swimming pools with water in one minute. That is to say. They are excellent at controlling fires.

When it comes to battles, its regular attacks are tackle and body blow. These attacks have been cataloged as brutal and devastating attacks, it is a powerful Pokemon, and despite its great size and weight, it is very agile.

When it feels threatened, it hides in its shell. It is a solid and tough-looking Pokemon, but it is very loyal, and it is said that it would be able to give its life to protect its trainer. 

Like that of Squirtle and Wartotle, its habitat is in seas, rivers, lakes, and islands of the mid-ocean.

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