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On this page, you can discover a collection of Biathlon coloring pages. Please prepare your markers or pencils to make the drawings colorful. Happy coloring.

Biathlon is a winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, speed, and physical endurance with precision. 

Biathlon Coloring Pages

Biathlon is a cross-country ski race in which the athletes, who carry the carbine on their backs at all times, must stop at certain places to shoot at a fixed target with a rifle.

The rifle is a .22 caliber rifle weighing no less than 3.5 kilograms. Each athlete has five bullets, and their goal is to hit five targets. For each miss, they are penalized with extra distance or time added to the test’s total, depending on the modality.

The winner is always the athlete or team that completes the race in the shortest time, so the first positions change continuously throughout the race, and nothing is decided until the end.

The Biathlon is composed of different sprint, pursuit, individual, and relay races similar to cross country. However, all the races combine sprinting with shooting, so there are many other specialties.


This is the biathlon event par excellence. Women run 15 km and men 20 km. It is a competition against the clock, in which the participants start in intervals. 

There are four shooting stations on the course to shoot alternately standing and lying down; for each missed shot, a penalty of one minute is added to the total time.


The women’s race is 7.5 km, and the men’s race is 10 km. Participants start at 30-second intervals and run three laps of a circuit. 

They have to perform two series of shots on the course, of five targets each, first lying down and then standing up. They must take a penalty round of 150 additional meters for each miss. The best time wins.


The women run 10 km and the men 12.5 km. The start is staggered according to the computation of times obtained in the sprint. Participants have four stops to shoot at a target where they must make five targets with five bullets.

For each missed shot, the athletes must make a penalty lap over a 150-meter circuit prepared for this purpose and then continue the racecourse.


It is a race carried out by teams of four, each of the participants running 7.5 km in the men’s category and 6 km in the women’s category. The race is started by the first relay runners of each team.

Each runner has to make two shooting stops, each on five targets with eight bullets. For each target not completed, the runner must make a penalty distance of 150 meters and then continue the race.

Group start

This is the most recent modality and was included in the 2006 Turin Olympic Games for the first time. The men’s race is 15 km (five laps of a 3 km course), and the women’s race is 12.5 km (five laps of a 2.5 km course). 

In this event, all participants start together, and there are four shooting stations with five targets each, two for shooting lying down and the other two standing up.

As in the sprint test, they must travel 150 meters more penalty for each miss. The participation in this event is limited to the best 30 participants of the previous events. 

It is to avoid crowds of participants in the shooting area and the possible danger this implies. For this reason, the Olympic Games have been disputed in the last few days.

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