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Luge is one of the fastest sports globally, which also makes it one of the most dangerous and, therefore, one of the most adrenaline-pumping. 

Are you ready to discover one of the most exciting risk sports that exist today? So here are the printable Luge coloring pages. You can get them for free.

Free Luge Coloring Pages

Riders use their bodies skillfully to reach the end of the ‘slide’ as fast as possible. It is a sport with many peculiarities, quite expensive to practice, and the use of a sled is essential. 

Of course, it is not a very sophisticated sled because, as we say, the athlete’s body is the ‘chassis’ of his vehicle. This sport may sound unfamiliar by name but is quickly recognizable visually. 

It originated in the small Swiss town of Davos at the end of the 19th century, although it was Norway that adopted it as its own after hosting the first world championships in 1955. 

The first Olympic Games in which it was present were Innsbruck’s in 1964. It has always been the power of Germany, Austria, Italy, and Russia (former the Soviet Union).

It is a sport that is participated in individually and in pairs and consists of sliding lying face up on a sled. They are descended at high speed on an artificial ice rink.

As for the competition, there are two variants: individual and in pairs. The track-only allows the descent of one sled, so the tests are against the clock. 

The weight of sleds and participants is stipulated to comply with the parameters of equality. 

The start plays a fundamental role in the tests, in which the athletes must propel themselves thanks to two bars on the walls of the circuit and then gain speed with their own hands on the ice. To do this, they wear gloves with steel spikes. 

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