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You will find Spanish coloring pages here. The pictures are ready to print and color. You can use your colors to make them colorful. Happy coloring.

Spanish is a Romance language spoken worldwide by over 400 million people, over 350 million of whom are native speakers. 

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Depending on the calculation, it is between the 2nd and 4th most spoken language on Earth and is arguably the most widely spoken Romance language. 

This language is mutually intelligible with some other Iberian Romance languages, mainly Portuguese. In general, a Portuguese speaker will have more difficulty understanding Spanish than a Spanish speaker listening to Portuguese, but understanding should be possible for both. 

To non-speakers, the languages often sound like the same language – perhaps just different dialects – but the differences are immediately apparent upon closer inspection. 

Although they do not allow for free comprehension or speaking of the other language, many Spanish speakers find that most of the speech content can be reconstructed if an Italian speaker says slowly enough and avoids slang.

Like the other popular Romance languages – Portuguese, French, and Italian – most English speakers find Spanish relatively easy to learn. 

English itself is based on sufficient Latin vocabulary and grammar that Spanish is littered with affine that aid in early language acquisition. 

The sounds used are also quite familiar to English speakers – with the possible exception of rolled and tapped “r” sounds – so there is a surmountable learning curve in pronunciation.

Spanish is the official language of most Central and South American countries, including Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. 

It is also the official language of the island nations of Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. It is a functional language of both the European Union and the United Nations. 

The language is widely spoken in the United States and is an official language in New Mexico. Along with Arabic, it is one of the official languages of the African nation of Western Sahara. It is, of course, also one of the official languages of Spain.

As a language, Spanish is a significant force in the United States, where it is spoken by more than 30 million people, making the United States the fifth largest nation of speakers of the language, behind only Argentina, Spain, Colombia, and Mexico. 

Due to constant immigration between the countries where it is spoken and the United States, the language has a firm place in U.S. culture. Many non-native speakers find learning the language instrumental in work and social situations.

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