Astonishing Doctor Who Coloring Pages Pdf

Doctor Who is a science fiction television series by BBC. The character’s entire Universe might seem too strange to comprehend, but it all makes fundamental sense.

Now, you can see the adventures in the following astonishing Doctor Who coloring pages. Please use your favorite colors to make them colorful. Happy coloring.

Free Doctor Who Coloring Pages

The Doctor is an extraterrestrial being who travels through time and space inside a spaceship shaped like an old British telephone box. 

The individual is usually accompanied by other characters, usually humans, on adventures to save the world (at least in its most recent iterations) while leaving great lessons in humanity. 

In the beginning, the character was created to have an educational focus between adventures. Still, his essence became a perfect mix between historical review, science fiction, action, and awe for the Universe. 

Of course, in ’63, nobody imagined that its impact on popular culture would be so massive that it would reach every corner of the world, nor that it would be one of the longest-running series in history.

The Doctor receives his name because he is a kind of “healer” (although this is explained more deeply in the series). His real name cannot be mentioned and remains a secret of the Time Lords, the race to which he belongs.

When the Doctor suffers a severe injury or must die, his body “regenerates”, which has allowed his legacy to carry on over time (as a sort of space James Bond) plus, in recent times, he has allowed a woman to take up the mantle of the iconic character. 

Throughout his history, the Doctor has been played by 14 actors -although with recent changes in the series, we could have more, we will avoid spoilers-.

Here we take a brief look at the history of Doctor Who through its different incarnations, which will allow us to discover more of what the series is all about and the essence of the series.

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