Printable Halo Coloring Pages Pdf

Here are some coloring pages from the classic computer game Halo that you can download, print, and color for free. So, let’s choose printable halo coloring pages below.

Halo is a first-person shooter computer game series about the soldier Master Chief and his AI Cortana. They help humanity in their fight against the Covenant, a collaboration of hostile alien races.

Free Halo Coloring Pages

The Halo franchise has one of the most complex stories, although it may not seem so at first glance. 

The game universe explains the emergence of humanity and the Milky Way, besides being populated by numerous other alien species. 

It is an alliance of them, by the way, that goes to war with humans in the first game of the saga, starting the plot that unfolds over four main chapters.

Over 1 million years before the current era, a powerful race called the Precursors began populating the galaxy, giving rise to the Forerunners and humanity and the parasite species, Flood, used to test the other two groups. 

The Forerunners rebelled and overthrew their creators. Humanity, in turn, used the technology of the Precursors to colonize other planets until Flood was found. 

Humans managed to rid themselves of the parasites, but not without provoking the new “rulers” of the galaxy – who, in a war, drove men back to a primitive state.

To combat the Flood, the Forerunners even created the Halos, giant weapons capable of destroying every form of organic life in a wide radius. 

They were used at the end of the war between the two species, leaving only a few of their creators alive. 

It was these survivors who, before leaving, programmed the repopulation of the galaxy with some species “stored” in the so-called Ark. 

The human race began to develop again on Earth thousands of years after the event, and only in the year 2080 of the current era did it manage to colonize a planet, Mars. 

A rebellion on the red planet in 2164 gave rise to the United Nations Space Command (UNSC), which began to create the first Spartan soldiers – cyborgs that were the fruits of biological engineering. 

The troops were helpful in the following centuries when humanity discovered how to travel above the speed of light, colonizing 800 more planets.

The Spartan-II program was started in 2517, coincidentally eight years before the first Covenant attacks. This theocratic alliance of alien races considered the human race an affront to their Gods. 

The aliens destroyed some of humanity’s main space colonies, running roughshod over the few Spartan supersoldiers at their disposal. 

Download Halo Coloring Pages Pdf