Funny Goofy Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

One of the first Disney characters to be created during the beginning of Disney was Goofy. He is one of Mickey Mouse’s best friends and one of the most popular Disney characters worldwide.  

Here are some unique and printable Goofy coloring pages that feature hilarious characters entertaining in different activities. Plus, it will be even more fun to color him together with the family.

Printable Goofy Coloring PagesĀ 

Goofy is one of the most beloved characters of the Disney factory. Mickey Mouse’s friend first appeared in 1932 in the short Mickey Revue.

As in the animations, he was initially called Dippy Dawg in the comic strips, but they changed his name in 1939. 

His cartoonist Floyd Gottfredson usually based his cartoon on what was happening in the Mickey shorts of that time. 

When Donald Duck gained enough popularity to have his comic strip, he no longer appeared in Gottfredson’s comic strips. 

For this reason, Goofy remained as Mickey’s sole companion. In the comics, Goofy has a secret identity which is Supergoofy.

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