Scorbunny Coloring Pages Printable Pdf

Scorbunny is the initial fire-type Pokémon Sword & Shield. The origin of its name comes from the English score and bunny. It is a play on words between its relationship with fire and soccer.

Now, you can find this Pokemon on this page. These Scorbunny coloring pages are ready to print. So, let’s prepare your markers and print the images.

Free Printable Scorbunny Coloring Pages

Scorbunny is based on a rabbit. It has a primarily white body color, a small pink nose, reddish eyes, and reddish areas on the tips of its legs, long ears, and neck. 

It also has the inside of its ears of an orange tone and between its eyebrows and on the lower part of its paws, being in these last two areas where it begins to radiate heat when it prepares to fight. 

It can be seen to have somewhat scruffy fur on its ears and cheeks. This Pokémon possesses immense igneous energy inside its chest that gives it excellent physical capabilities by raising its body temperature when it runs. 

Because the pads of two of its body parts (the soles of its feet and nose) reach high temperatures, it is normal for the ground it steps on to sometimes burn, although this also serves to cause burns to its opponents when it hits them with its paws.

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Download Scorbunny Coloring Pages Pdf