Funny Charmander Coloring Pages Pdf to Print

Did you know that Pokemon is the amalgamation of Pocket and Monster? So actually, it is a PocketMonster ;-). And one of the characters is Charmander. 

On this page, we have a lot of coloring pages of Charmander. Please print these Charmander coloring pages and color them as you like.

Free Charmander Coloring Pages 

Charmander is a fire-type Pokémon introduced in the first generation. It is one of the initial Pokémon given by Professor Oak to trainers who begin their adventure in the Kanto region.

The flame on the tip of its tail burns according to its feelings. It flames slightly when it is happy and burns vigorously when angry. 

This Pokémon is born with a flame at the tip of its tail. If the flame were to be extinguished, the Pokémon would weaken. The flame on its tail indicates Charmander’s life force. 

It will be bright if it is healthy. Charmander is a fire-type Pokémon that evolves into Charmeleon first and later into Charizard.

Charmander belongs to the family of bipedal lizards, which develop the quality of being able to transport themselves on two legs just like humans. 

It is said that the first bipedal lizards were dinosaurs. Its skin color is orange, and on the tip of its tail, it has a flame which defines it as a fire-type Pokemon.

The flame that Charmander has on its tail has a particular curiosity since it indicates the mood of the Pokemon and if it is sick or feels terrible. 

If this Pokemon Charmander is in good health, its flame will be significant and striking, but it is small and opaque when it is not. 

When it is angry, its flame is immense and intense, and when it meets a strong rival, its flame will change to a color that goes between red and blue.

For this reason, its trainer must be very attentive to the signals it sends because if its flame disappears, Charmander will die.

Another situation that can affect Charmander is falling into the water. This would not kill him only if it remained a short time. The rain affects him to a lesser extent.

Every time a drop falls on his skin generates steam, and when they fall on his flame little by little, they extinguish it, so it would have to be exposed for a long time under the rain to be affected.

Charmander does not live in places with high altitudes. It usually lives in low mountainous places and near areas with high temperatures. Its diet is omnivorous. That is to say, and it consumes both meat and vegetables.

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