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Since birth, Bulbasaur has carried a strange seed on his back, which grows like him. He can thus fill himself with energy. The nutrients stored on his back allowed him to fast for several days in a row.

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Free Bulbasaur Coloring Pages

Bulbasaur is a reptilian Pokémon about the size of a Casino. A plant-type Pokémon is ubiquitous among beginner trainers and homemakers under 36 years old. 

However, it is rare to come across it in the wild. When you do, run away if you don’t have an Arcanin, Galopa, Volcaropod, or Sulfur in one of your Pokéballs. 

Unless you’re fortunate, it has its entire herd with it. But now is not the time to study this matriarchal society, but the plant on the back of our favorite Pokémon. No, not Pikachu.

Bulbasaur has a bulb on its back from birth, which, as it grows, will give a beautiful tree resembling the palms of warm countries. 

It is easy to determine the age of a Bulbizarre (the middle period, around 25 years old, will see the Pokémon being called Herbizarre by the trainers.

Each Bulbasaur has a seed planted on its back from birth, which grows into a flowering bulb in its subsequent evolutions. The bulb absorbs solar energy, thanks to photosynthesis.

It uses this energy to feed, nourish and grow. Moreover, with it, it can go without eating for days. Bulbasaur also likes to nap on sunny afternoons, as it raises itself with solar energy while resting.

In battles, it uses solar energy to boost some of its attacks. From its bulb, it can launch seeds that hit the opponent. 

Another of its most potent and emblematic attacks is the so-called strain whip, which consists of two lashes coming out of Bulbasaur’s bulb, which is used to attack the enemy and manipulate particular objects.

The Pokémon anime series and the movies derived from this series are a set of adventures. The main protagonist is Ash Ketchum, who aims to become the best Pokémon trainer in history, thus becoming a Pokémon Master. 

To do this, he, along with a group of friends, must travel the world, fighting with various Pokémon trainers.

Ash has a Bulbasaur in his team and May (a companion of his). Bulbasaur has been with Ash longer than any other pokémon, except for Pikachu (with whom Ash has been since the beginning of the series). 

Before Bulbasaur joined Ash’s team, he lived with a girl named Melanie, who took care of him all that time in a secret village for weakened pokémon. 

His original trainer had abandoned him, so Bulbasaur was left to protect the village where he lived from trainers seeking to capture weak pokémon.

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