Printable Beautiful Poppy Coloring Pages

Eschscholzia, called California poppy, is an annual herbaceous plant of the poppy family. With its complicated name given in honor of the German naturalist doctor Eschscholtz, the flower has variable spellings: Eschscholzia, Eschscholtzia, Eschholtzia, or Escholtzia. It is sometimes mistaken for a perennial, but in reality, it reseeds itself from one year to the next, spontaneously and abundantly.

Eschscholtzia californica is a pleasant plant to cultivate, combining a bright and cheerful flowering with very easy cultivation, ideal for informal gardens, arid areas, flowering lawns, or to fill the beds between other perennials.

Here is a collection of Printable Beautiful Poppy Coloring Pages. You can download and then print the images that you like. Happy coloring!

Printable Beautiful Poppy Coloring Pages

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