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Washington Wizards is a professional basketball team of the NBA (Sport), the same resides in Washington. This team plays its home games at the Verizon Center (formerly known as MCI Center).

Free Washington Wizards Coloring Pages

Washington Wizards, founded in 1961, belong to the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference. It was based on the name Bullets. 

The franchise has gone through Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington. They won the NBA championship in 1978, finishing runner-up the following season.

From June 1946, when the NBA was founded under the BAA format, to the present day, with a fully globalized competition, the teams have varied through different formulas. 

It is from creating new franchises to the extinction of others, to mergers/extensions of the league and even transformations of franchises and, consequently, of their teams.

NBA franchises are still companies that have basketball teams, and those franchises have owners who, within the margins of the rules and the interests of the NBA.

The NBA franchise can sell their teams, change their names, and even, if allowed, change their cities, as long as the new fan market is favorable and there is no longer an NBA team in the area.

Among all these changes, possibilities, and variables that can occur throughout a franchise’s life, one of them has been transformed the most times without changing the same franchise.

The owners, names, and locations of the different teams formed the same history, and the unique franchise has changed.

That franchise is the owner of the current team of the capital of the United States, the Washington Wizards, although that was not always its name, nor its location.

This team has been transformed the most times, without becoming extinct, in the nearly 70-year history of the best basketball league on the planet.

In 2015, the management presented fans with the new version of the team’s logo, based on the alternative emblem of the Washington Wizards (2011-2014). 

The current version consists of a circle made based on the classic puck. The logo in print contains a centerpiece, a wide border, and thin dividing lines. 

In the middle, there is a balloon with a star. Two more celebrities are to the right and left of it. Above the red box, it says “Washington”; below the blue side, it says “Wizards”.

At the same time, the Washington brand stripes appeared on the logo. Three stars reflected Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Anyway, the point of the new Washington Wizards logo is not in the appearance (there’s nothing special about it; it’s one of the most boring designs in the league). 

The point is in the timing of its launch. This is a rare, almost unique case: the team changed its logo during the season, precisely under the playoffs. In basketball tradition, this may be the first time that the NBA logo is replaced, not in the off-season.

Download Washington Wizards Coloring Pages Pdf