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Water polo is an energy-intensive sport that requires excellent physical fitness, mastery of the water polo crawl, and stamina.

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Free Polo Coloring Pages

Water polo teams are composed of 13 players: 1 goalkeeper, six players, and six substitutes.

The players will play four periods of 8 minutes of real-time with 2 minutes of rest and 5 minutes between the 2nd and 3rd periods. 

The game time is stopped at each whistle of the referee. Each team is entitled to two one-minute stoppages in play for each match.

Two digital scoreboards indicate the time of possession of the ball. The team has 30 seconds to throw the ball from the moment they get it back.

Two referees are located on both sides of the field of play, assisted by 2 or 3 table officials (timekeeper and secretary). 

When a foul is committed, the referees indicate the team’s side that committed the foul.

An official match is played in 4 periods of 8 minutes each (excluding time-outs). 2 minutes breaks will be observed between the first and the second period, and in the third and fourth. 

The rest will be 5 minutes at half-time (between the second and third periods). A team may request a one-minute time out per period, provided they have the ball.

Each team comprises 13 players, six players in the water, + the goalie. A team will have a maximum of 6 substitutes.

Five players are placed in an arc around the opponent’s goal. The point is placed on the two-meter line. 

Generally, he will turn his back to the goalkeeper and wait to receive a pass to try to score. 

This is usually one of the most physical positions because the defense (counterpoint) will do everything possible to block this player.

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