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Hello, MLB fans? Now we come with our best Oakland Athletics coloring pages. Get the images you love below. Then put your desired colors into the pictures.

The Oakland Athletics (A’s) Is a United States Major League Baseball professional baseball team based in Oakland, California. They are part of the Western Division of the American League. 

Free Oakland Athletics Coloring Pages

The Oakland Athletics have won 9 World Series, 15 pennants, and 15 division championships. Their home stadium is called O.co Coliseum. The official team mascot is an elephant. 

The Oakland Athletics have been around for a long, long time. For proof, look no further than it was one of the eight founding teams of the American League, although that happened when the baseball team was still located in Philadelphia. 

In short, the Oakland Athletics started in 1900 as the Philadelphia Athletics because the American League wanted a baseball team to compete with the Philadelphia Phillies of the National League. 

In general, Athletics were very popular, primarily because of their periods of enormous success. However, the baseball team also had its bad times, which eventually resulted in it being sold in 1954 to become the Kansas City Athletics. 

On March 30, 2005, the team was purchased by a group managed by developer Lewis Wolff. But it was owned by John J. Fisher, son of the founder of The Gap, Inc. Since Wolff ran a real estate company, he helped the club find a suitable site for the stadium.

The team’s name was based on the Athletic Club, which existed in the 1960s of the 19th century. By the way, the name was never changed when the team moved – only the venue’s name was added.

In 2002, the team won 20 consecutive games, breaking the American League record. This was reflected in books and movies. Oakland has won the World Series 9 times and won the American League 15 times.

Since 1993, the club has used a modernized version of the previous logos. The Oakland Athletics logo is a white circle with “A” in the middle. 

The letters are circled with “OAKLAND ATHLETICS” in a wide field. The first part of the name is above, the second – below, which visually balances the image. The elements have a golden outline.

Now in use is the variant with a large letter in the middle of a white circle. But in addition to the “A”, it also has a miniature “s” written with an apostrophe. 

All central elements are delimited with a yellow stripe. Then comes a wide dark green bar with inscriptions. At the top is the word “Oakland”, below – “Athletics”. 

They are not separated by anything and have an arched shape. A yellow line also surrounds the outer edge.

The current version repeats the previous one with some final tweaks and adjustments. The middle was made narrow, and the green field, on the other hand, was widened. 

The border palette has changed: in the previous version, it was green, and in the current version, it was yellow.

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