Free Moses Coloring Pages Pdf

The best way to introduce children to iconic stories is through coloring pages. Get free Moses coloring pages here. Also, get the lesson from the story.

The following unique printable pages encompass images of Moses’s most symbolic events, such as when he met Pharaoh, the Burning Bush When He Crossed the Red Sea, and The Ten Commandments.

Moses Coloring Pages

Moses is the protagonist of one of the greatest epics ever told. He occupies a central place in the holy books of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. 

But what do we know about this character? Very little. Archaeology does not prove his existence, the stay in Egypt of Hebrew slaves, or his flight across the desert.

Among the many unknowns surrounding Moses are his origin and the stay of his people in Egypt. The biblical account tells us that he was the son of Amram and Lojebed, members of the Hebrew tribe Levi, one of the twelve that migrated to the land of the Nile. 

The same source tells us that the Israelites resided there for four hundred and thirty years until they were forced to flee under the leadership of Moses. 

We know that Egypt was always a land of refuge for semi-nomadic populations coming from neighboring Syria-Palestine. They came fleeing from famine or war, seeking Egypt’s riches and fertile lands, which for many represented a panacea. 

Although the Bible records echoes of a shared past between Egyptians and Israelites, history is not explicit. The Egyptian sources first call them by name. They consider them enemies and establish them outside Egypt. 

They appear on a large stele erected by the pharaoh Merenptah (c. 1212-1202 BC), son of Ramses II, in the year 5 of his reign, discovered in 1896. In it, Merenptah tells the military victories of the beginnings of his government. 

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