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The strength of these ancient drawings carved on the stone is one of the few secrets rescued from the misty history of the Celts. It is one of the oldest and wealthiest cultures that ever existed. 

Free Celtic Coloring Pages

Celtic is an adjective used to name a group of peoples who, in ancient times, were distributed in numerous European region. 

They are lived in territories that currently belong to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, among others.

Celtic is also the name of a group of languages of the Indo-European family. Irish, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, and Breton are some of the Celtic or Celtic languages still spoken in various parts of Europe.

From the Celtic peoples of antiquity, different concepts linked to them emerged. Celtic mythology, for example, alludes to the religious aspects of these communities and includes many heroes and characters.

The Celtic priests were the druids in charge of the development of rituals and the transmission of Celtic mythology. Some historical sources claim that the Druids performed human sacrifices, although this assertion is often disputed.

On the other hand, Celtic music is the name given to the folkloric manifestations developed by peoples of Celtic traditions, such as the Welsh, Irish, and Scots. 

Celtic music usually includes the bagpipes, the fiddle, the Irish flute, the bombard, and the bodhrán.

Although these are vaguely defined notions, it is essential to note that there may also be Celtic art, Celtic calendar, Celtic astrology, and other matters to which Celtic origins are attributed.

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