Free Maui Coloring Pages Pdf

Disney’s Moana is simply spectacular. You and your child will undoubtedly be blown away from the story to the music to the adorable characters. 

One of its characters is Maui. He has a big body. Now you can have fun at home with these free printable Maui coloring pages here. You can make copies of these drawings with you to keep them entertained for a while. 

Maui Coloring Pages

Moana tells the story of a young girl who lives on an island in Polynesia and sets out on a journey across the ocean to discover more about her ancestors, inhabitants of another island that no one knows where it is. 

During her journey, Moana meets Maui, a demigod who helps her face challenges along the way. Maui is probably the most entertaining character in the film. 

Maui is the half god, half human has the power to transform into various animals and was inspired by one of the greatest heroes of Maori culture.

On islands in Oceania and Hawaii, Maui is a legendary figure with powers to control nature. The film’s creators were so fascinated by the story of this mystical being that they decided to put together several characteristics of him to create Moana’s friend. 

Each island has a different version of this demigod. In some cases, he is strong, powerful, a warrior, and that’s how we drew him. 

Despite being a mystical being, he is a flawed character who hooks up with an idealistic young woman who is the opposite of him. The chemistry between them is excellent.

Maui has his entire body covered in Maori tattoos, but one of them stands out: the Mini Maui. The design is like the demigod’s consciousness, and it took a lot of work to make. 

Download Maui Coloring Pages Pdf