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Infinity War coloring pages will take kids to a fantasy world with an epic battle between Superheroes and Thanos. Iron Man, with his team, tries to protect the planet from the end of the world.

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Avengers: Infinity War is the cherry on top of an exemplary job. And the public, which has led the film to be the fastest movie in history to reach 1 billion at the box office, seems to think the same way.

Infinity War seems to have hit the mark and marked a before and after, focusing the footage on the imposing and complex Thanos.

We talk below about the Mad Titan and his background and motivations, highlighting the union between film and comics. Don’t read on if you haven’t seen the movie and want to avoid spoilers.

In The Infinity, Gauntlet craved Death and destruction of entire planets to impress Death herself. Thanos turned into a mysterious female figure with whom he had fallen in love. 

So, roughly speaking, we could talk about a romantic interest behind his cruel intentions. Thanos already revealed his motivation in an issue of Silver Surfer published in 1990.

The Mad Titan seeks to gather the six infinity gems, too, with the snap of his fingers, vanish half of the living beings in the universe, intending to balance the scales and not lead to an alarming lack of resources and, therefore, extinction.

Evidently, despite an original intention with a certain nobility, his methods are still completely vile and ruthless. Contrary to what many might think, they are also inherited from the world of cartoons.

More specifically, we must go back to 1990: it was then that Jim Starlin took the reins of the Silver Surfer comic book, starting with issue 34. 

Barely a month later, in the second issue of the series written by Starlin, Thanos would explain to Silver Surfer the imbalance in the universe that, in the end, served as a spur in Avengers: Infinity War.

Showing him the state of the universe, Thanos advocated that more humans than ever were living longer and expanding more resources, severely damaging the environment along the way. 

In this way, almost as an act of mercy, the Mad Titan sought to “fix” the big problem that lurks, provoking the logical rejection and disagreement of a Silver Surfer who would be forced to stop the catastrophic plan of the villain, willing to exterminate entire races through a destructive virus.

So, even though in Avengers: Infinity War everything related to Thanos’ interest in impressing and, in a way, seducing Death itself has been eliminated, we do find the point of union between film and comics in his plan to “balance plagued by species destined for extinction”.

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