Printable Love Coloring Pages Pdf

Love is the most significant force that exists in the world. People do many things thanks to the power of love. There are different types and forms of love, the love of a mother, a couple’s love, the love of a friendship, etc.

Today we are going to color this feeling, and for this reason, we have prepared a selection of the best love coloring pages. So, let us get these printable love coloring pages here.

Free Love Coloring Pages

How can we define something so complex, contradictory, fascinating, and that at the same time makes us feel so alive? It cannot be observed under a microscope, and some define it in chemical terms and those who make poetry out of it. 

Love is inspiration, sometimes even suffering. Everyone wants to live it, most of us have felt it at some time, but our pending account is still to explain it.

This emotion is the one that nourishes the baby that has just been born, the one that helps us grow, the one that makes us feel part of a social group. Love puts us in the world.

Love songs. We all have our favorites, and in them, we try to explain what this feeling is and what it implies, and, above all, what it produces in us: happiness, misfortune, inspiration, and passion. 

These lyrics tell us about unrequited love and its typologies: interested love, romantic love, eternal love, the one born from friendship.

If you’ve been or are in love, you know all too well what it feels like, even if you can’t express it in a definition that semantically encompasses all the nuances. 

So, if there’s one thing most of us know, it’s that we’re not always free to fall in love with the one we want to fall in love with. To put it another way: love chooses us. 

And that choice can be the right one or, on the contrary, it can bring us more suffering than happiness.

There is a specific biological component to love. We know that. We have all heard about that chemical storm made up of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin.

However, we cannot leave aside other types of influences, in this case, external ones. We are talking about our culture and the weight of society as a mechanism of power.

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