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Associazione Sportiva Roma is an Italian soccer club based in Rome in the region of Lazio and known as “AS Roma”. It has participated permanently in the Italian top flight since its creation, absent only in the 1950-1951 season.

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Roma was founded in 1927, more precisely on June 7, the day on which the giallorossi played their first match. It was the result of a man’s will, Italo Foschi, a politician of the time, who wanted the Italian capital to compete in soccer with the tremendous northern powers.

In fact, at the time, several more or less modest teams existed in the Eternal City: Lazio of Rome, which still exists, U.S Romana, Audace, Pro Roma, Juventus, Alba, Fortitudo, and Roman. 

These last three clubs merged to form AS Roma. It is worth noting that Lazio, to this day Roma’s historical rival, would have been part of this merger had it not been for the intervention of Giorgio Vaccaro for political reasons.

Foschi was also the first president before dying of a heart attack upon learning of the club’s defeat in Genoa. 

The club took place in Testaccio, and its colors, unchanged since then, were those of the Roman, namely the golden yellow and the Pompeian red. The wolf, reminiscent of the Roman Empire, was chosen as the emblem.

The hatred that animates this match dates back to the late 1920s. In Italy, the northern clubs dominated the league. To counter them, several clubs from Rome merged: Alba Audace, Roman, and Fortitudo. 

This merger gave birth to the Associazione Sportiva Roma. The Società Sportiva Lazio is invited to participate in this merger but declines the offer to be the second Roman representative.

The first match between the two teams took place on December 8, 1929, and it was AS Roma who won it one goal to nil thanks to Volk, one of the great scorers in the history of this derby. 

Lazio’s first victory came in 1932. Initially, the two teams played in different stadiums, but in 1953 the Olympic Stadium hosted both teams.

If this match, broadcast in more than 170 countries worldwide, is known for its heated rivalry, it is mainly due to the opposition between the Tifosi of the two teams. 

On one side, the Curva Sud of the Romanisti ultras (Curva Sud ultra commando), on the other, the Curva Nord of the Laziali (Irriducibili). 

The passion and the deep attachment to their club sometimes provoke excessive behaviors in the stands and outside. 

The battle is first played on the tifos, the smoke, and the flags but can tip over into the throwing of homemade bombs and in the provocative banners and even hateful chants. 

As early as October 28, 1979, Lazio fan Vincenzo Paparelli died from injuries to his eye after being hit by a rocket thrown from the opposite stand of AS Roma. The group of Lazio fans, the Irridicubili, was also known for its racist excesses.

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