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Real Betis Balompié is a soccer club from the city of Seville, Spain. Real Betis is currently playing in La Liga, the First Division of Spain.

Free Real Betis Coloring Pages 

In 1907, several students from the Polytechnic school were putting together a soccer team. After two years of playing friendly soccer, they could officially register as a soccer club in 1909 under Sevilla Balompié. 

In 1914 the club merged with Betis soccer club, and in August 1915, the governor of Seville announced that the club would continue under the name ‘Real Betis Balompié’. It is still called that today!

In 1932, Real Betis Balompié had arranged a lovely gift for itself, namely by becoming champion of the second division. 

This allowed Real Betis to promote to the first division, and in 1935, they became champions of the ‘Liga’ for the first time!

Unfortunately, success often goes hand in hand with loss, and, like several other clubs, Real Betis Balompié also faced financial problems. 

On top of that, the Spanish civil war broke out, so some footballers were conscripted and had to go to war. As a result, Real Betis missed many players and even dropped to the third division. 

During those seven years in the third division, according to many fans, the real strength and soul of Real Betis was born. 

Many fans could have turned their back on their club during that time, but a perfect bond was formed between the fans, club, and players. 

Because the fans continued to support their club, Real Betis Balompié returned to the second division in 1954. 

From then on, they organized a “green march” at every away game, and the stadiums were filled with green and white shirts, the colors of Real Betis. In 1958, Real Betis was finally allowed to return to the first division!

The Real Betis graphic contains a triangle with 13 stripes. But club owners don’t see the number as bad luck – they see it as a symbol of change. 

The initials are placed in a circle like in the first logos. Above is the crown, a sign that the team has received royal patronage.

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