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The Kansas City Royals are a professional baseball team based in Kansas City, Missouri. The club competes in the Central Division of the American League of Major League Baseball. The franchise was founded in 1969.

Free Kansas City Royals Coloring Pages

The franchise’s history began when the previous Kansas City Athletics abandoned the city after the 1967 season. As a result, the town was left without a Major League Baseball team for the first time since 1883. 

Furious Senator Stuart Symington threatened MLB officials with sanctions unless Kansas City got a franchise in the next expansion. 

He was promised a team in 1971, but city officials were not happy with the decision, so they insisted on founding the franchise as soon as possible. Their wish came true in 1969.

Pharmaceutical magnate Ewing Kauffman won the bid for the new Kansas City franchise. He was the one who approved the team’s name. 

He ran the team name contest, inviting the citizens of Kansas City to submit ideas. Ewing Kauffman selected the name from 17,000 submissions.

After Kauffman’s death on September 23, 1993, the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, the official governing body, appointed David Glass as interim CEO and president of the Kansas City Royals. 

Seventeen years later, on April 18, 2000, David Glass became the sole owner of the franchise, purchasing it for $96 million.

The team name contest received more than 17,000 entries. “Royals” was the winning choice, but it had nothing to do with royalty. The team name came from the famous American Royal Livestock & Horse Show, held annually in Kansas City since 1899.

When it was time to create a logo, Ewing Kauffman turned to the design firm Hallmark Cards. The team owner combined the city, local features, and the franchise name. 

Unfortunately, the original logos didn’t work for him, as most of them included cattle, as Kansas City was a significant cattle stocker and host of rodeo competitions. 

At the same time, Ewing Kauffman wanted to distance the club from the city’s “cowtown” reputation. Then Hallmark Cards announced the competition among the fifteen artists assigned to the project. 

Three artists – Shannon Manning, Carl Woods, and Peter Smokoroski – were chosen in the first stage. Each was invited to develop several more versions of their original designs. 

The winning artist was Shannon Manning, awarded $100. The winning design for the Kansas City Royals logo bore no resemblance to the classic emblems of the day. It was modernist and minimalist. 

The original Kansas City Royals logo turned out to be so well matched and balanced. It evolved over the years with “KC” as the focal point. Only slight changes were made, but they did not significantly affect the original logo.

The modern Kansas City Royals logo is straightforward, clear, and understandable. The crown emphasizes the concept of royalty, American royal breeding, and Kansas City residents’ traditional activities. 

The shield with two letters resembles a noble family’s heraldic coat of arms. The geometrically balanced emblem features a gold crown on a light blue shield with “KC” white inside.

The Royals played from 1969 to 1972 at Municipal Stadium, the former home of the Athletics (now Oakland). 

Since the 1973 season, Royals Stadium (since 1993 known as Kauffman Stadium) has been the home of the Royals. 

It has a capacity of 37,903 and is one of the six oldest ballparks in the world today.

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